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Has anyone connected to Bubble?

Hi everyone! I need to render HTML pages of my site for better SEO optimization so that Google can index my pages. i found and it seems that this is what you need. I set up the generation of HTML pages using the API, but I’m not very strong technically and do not understand how I can make Bubble give Google a generated HTML page, and not a page with dynamic data.

Who can help?

On paid plans you can upload files to the root. Could this be where they need to go?

Bubble engineering would have to integrate Prerender into the core system. I don’t believe it is something you can do yourself. I’ve used it on previous sites before Bubble, and it works. Server-side rendering of javascript is something Bubble would have to build in (they may have something like it already working, it’s just not user-configurable to my knowledge)

What inside of Bubble’s existing SEO tools (each page level, and SEO in settings tab), etc. are not working for you?

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yes, as I understand it, bubble does not generate a static HTML page and because of this there are problems with indexing

Have you tested this and connected to your Google webmaster page and checked to see what is being crawled? I don’t think this is as much an issue as you might think:

This page says that Bubble takes care of this:

" Prerendering Bubble pages - do search engines have a hard time crawling Bubble pages because of how they’re rendered?

  • Bubble has special logic to “send” a page to the crawlers at some point after the page has been rendered, so this is generally not a problem

  • Generally this will send the contents of the page, but for pages that load content in multiple steps or in multiple elements, this may not work perfectly; if this is a particular concern for your page, consider restructuring the content on a page and how it’s loaded

  • Google Search Console has a tool that allows you to see how Googlebot “sees” a given URL"

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