Can Bubble populate an RG dynamicly based on user chaoice?

Im creating a Job site for the USA. This potentially will have 10s of thousands of DB entries. As Im starting to understand how Bubble works, I think you have to load ALL of the records onto the page and then let the user filter it. If that is true, it is horribly inefficient for large record sets.

I was hoping the user could choose a keyword “Position Title” and a location, then have the RG populate from those constraints. From there the user could further filter the list down.

Someone please tell me the RG can be populated from a users search input. :slight_smile: And please tell me how. Or maybe a good work around.

Thank you! Have a great day.


This is exatcly how it works :sweat_smile:
This is a very very basic operation in Bubble…
You will need to do a Search For Users constraining the users who meet your search criterias…


In this example, the developer is manually adding the constraint. I want the user to determine the constraint from a search box. Can Bubble do that?


Yes, you can pick the value from a dropdown or from a input field… or from whereever ou want :wink:.

This video is just an example.


Okay, I think I understand. Just because I define the RG with ALL users, from the example video you provided, without any manual constraints, doesn’t mean ALL the users records will be pulled from the Database and populate the RG. Then when the user does a search, it actually querys the database and populates the RG with the returned rows. Yes?


Only the constrained data will be retrieved from your database.

Take a look here:

The editor is here.


I apologize for being so dense and having trouble fully grasping.

The latest example you provided appears to me that all the users have been pulled from the database on page load and the dropdown is just filtering the display.

I do not believe every time you change the dropdown, Bubble is searching the database and returning the results. If there were 1 million users (excessive example for a point). All Million users would have to be retrieved on page load in order for the filter to work.


No problem at all. :+1: :+1:

You are right!!! My mistake… It is indeed filtergin because Bubble already retrieved all the User in the first Search. Bubble is smart :sweat_smile: and it will not make extra calls if not needed.

I have changed my setup, so Bubble is no longer retrieving all Users in the first place, only the Females… What means that, when you select “Male” in the dropdown, he will need to make another search as it doesn’t have the “male users”…

Take a look. It’s the same link.


Oh, you really know Bubble, can you give me some guidance on configuration?

My data layout

How do I configure Bubble to use the user inputs to search and populate the RG?

RG Pic

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Or can you share your configuration from your latest example showing how changing the dropdown triggered a call to the database?

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I think I found what I needed


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