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Hello! I’m new to Bubble and now I feel stuck at the searching and displaying data in repeated group. Hope I can get some help :slight_smile:

I want to populate a subset of the data field in Repeating Group based on the selected ‘Category’.

Following the tutorial ( I created 3 data types: Question, Category, and another type called Q-Category combining the Question and the Categories. I intently chose this because in the future the ‘Category’ will grow and will have more parameters (e.g. some categories are only visible to certain types of users). I thought for this purpose, it’s better to use the DB constrain search instead of using the filter.

When the user clicks a button with a category, only related questions in RG should be populated.

I tried to use the Marvel Heros example but I’m not getting a result. Basically, I’m lost in a lot of dropdown options… I guess I have to create a workflow to send a trigger to RG when a category button is clicked.

Here is my app link:

Hello @ohyoonkwn,

If you have some time please review the following great videos on searching / filtering with constraints:

@gregjohnkeegan Filtering repeating groups and Combining filter types
@evanlitttle A different take on this > How To Create A Multi Layer Filter In Your App

They may spark some ideas.

Hope things work out! :grinning:

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Thank you! I’ll take a look.

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