Manipulating list in n rp from choice in dropdown

Hi there, only been using bubble for a few hours in total but slowly getting my head round the terminology!

Currently have created user login etc and an rp displaying a list from db which includes 2 types, 1 type is from a dropdown.

I have some input fields in a group which populate the rp list nicely, 1 is a dropdown input which also works nicely!

Now want to filter the list in the rp by a value in the dropdown, I’ve fiddled with constraints but it doesn’t like me.

Can anyone help at all?

Not sure what and rp is but I’m guessing it is an RG (repeating group). If that’s the case then you need to look at the plugins. There are many available from bubble and from third parties. The one I use to do what you are describing is Search&Autocorrect. It works really well and has links of a live page and the editor page so you can see it in use.

Hi Patricia sorry yes I meant RG it’s been a long day doing the normal job :wink:

Thanks for the reply, is there no way to do it from the constraints section without a plugin as I wanted to keep it simple and get my head around each bit before I delve into plugins?

Seems like it should be a very basic thing to do unless I’m missing something!

I had to laugh when I read your reply. I struggled with RG for a while too, I’m only a few weeks into bubble and the learning curve’s been steep and sometimes very bloody frustrating. But, it’s worth it because I need and MVP and this is allowing me to build it myself.

I also wanted to keep things simple and do what you describe without plugins but an experienced bubbler pointed me in the right direction. I learnt that there are a lot of things you think you should be able to do without plugins but you can’t. The nature of the pros of bubble come counterweighted with many cons.

From experience I’ve learnt that the quality of some plugins is ‘questionable’ and many come without explanation or support. So let me help you out a little by saying that I suggest that you trust any from AirDev (usually called Air something), plus Toolbox and Search&Autocorrect. I do use a few others but they are specific to my app.

Sounds like we are in the same boat then however I imagine you probably do this for a living or have serious knowledge of another language? I’m a newbie to all of this although being an IT Consultant (mainly network and AD architecture for 1000 people across 21 physical sites…yawn) I do tend to dabble!

Basically due to the joys of GDPR we are going to be blocking the use of the likes of Onedrive, Google Sheets and other non controlled online storage and apps which are being using for their real-time capability for the wrong reasons!

I played with Knack for a week, thought it was a dream until I realised the AJAX (check me) side of it needed hard coding therefore having a list displayed on multiple users screens and adding a record to it did not appear on other users screens in realtime unless a refresh was done manually…which rendered it useless for me.

Anyway back to bubble (whilst building a website at the same time on another platform lol), thankyou for the great advice of which plugins are safe etc, i’ll have a look at that plugin you said and see what it does!

And i’ll exhaust the Constraints section until it melts as I don’t like giving up…

I qualified as a programmer in 1986 and wrote my last line of code in 1990. I’ve been selling, building startups and lecturing in business and innovation so my guess is that you are more capable than I am. So much has changed since I last tried to build anything that I’m learning from scratch. Apart from some simple VB in Excel maybe half a dozen times, I’ve not written code, never even saw a development environment. But, I do think that our grasp of what software should be capable of is standing to us. I would hate to be a total non-techie trying to use bubble.

You will find when you discover ‘custom states’ the real power of bubble. They are so flexible its great. But I’ve found that I often have to refresh text and inputs to get them to display a changed custom state so bubble may be a bit Knack like in that area.

As for websites, I’ve pulled a few together for events and other things and I can’t fault Wiix. It has always coped with anything I needed to do.

A final word of wisdom … get familiar with this forum and the search with various ways of saying the same thing because I’ve learned so much reading somewhat related posts. It takes time but it can be more immediate and more guaranteed than getting replies. Good luck with the learning curve.

When my laptop runs out of battery it’s clearly time to call it a night…

I cannot get a repeating group constraint to use a dropdown value from another type even though the dropdown value has a field in the first type which pulls from the second type…so annoying :frowning:

I’m not 100% clear on your setup and types so I can’t experiment to test my hypothesis but it might be worth trying.

  1. Create a custom state on your RG, let’s call it Choice and make it of whatever type you need. Do this by taping the (i) symbol top right in the inspector.
  2. Right-click on the dropdown and chose start/edit workflow (it’s available here when it’s not in the Appearance tab of the inspector).
  3. Have the workflow set the ‘custom state’ Choice, on the RG, to the dropdown’s value. If necessary you might need to use ‘:format as’ if you are changing type/format.
  4. Then have the constraint refer to the RG’s custom state Choice.

I think that approach might work. You will have to determine when to set and when to clear the custom state so the RG behaves as you wish.

If custom states did not exist in bubble I would have given up long ago but so far they are allowing me to do everything I need. That and plugins. Fingers crossed it continues.

Thanks Patricia I’ll have a go at that tomorrow, the day job has overrun today until now and I have brain burn!

However I did have another look at knack where I had set up the exact same database and front end and I have to say knack is far easier and the database looks and feels normal! The UI is nowhere near as good as bubble and it doesn’t realtime update lists in other users UI so I’m banging my head against a wall!

Maybe I need another builder as I need more backend with simple realtime front end!

I’ll try your custom state idea first!

In fact maybe I need to share what I’ve done so far and someone will probably achieve it in 30 seconds :wink:

How do I safely share to the forum?

I’ve no idea how you share. I think you need to have a paid plan that allows collaborators.

I know there are a few people on the forum that came over from Knack so if you do a search for it you might get to talk to a few of them about how Knack and bubble compare.

You can set your application to “anyone can view” in your Settings tab, then just copy the URL from your editor and post it in the forum. That’s the easiest way to share, no need to have a paid plan.

Hey @k11, filtering your repeating group by a dropdown value shouldn’t be complicated. If you’re able to share your editor (like @andrewgassen suggested), I can take a look and help you out.

In general, the search constraints in the RG’s data source can involve dropdown values, but you can also create conditions on the RG to change the data source if the dropdowns have a value or not. Lots of combination options. Share your link with some detail about what results you’re expecting to see, and I’ll be happy to help out.

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