Can Bubble support a matching algorithm based off of questionnaire responses?

I am trying to create a platform that allows professionals and graduates to be matched together to form new mentoring networks. In the sign-up process, both the professionals and graduates would answer a few questions on education and experience and then I want to put the best match together and put them in a chat with each other.

  1. Can Bubble support an algorithm matching system within it with no need for human management?
  2. Can those matched then be put in a chat together?

Yes and yes

Following. I would like to know HOW as well?

The answer to your question is yes. In terms of practicality, can you give us a sample algorithm (don’t give us your trade secrets :wink: ) so we can start thinking about how best to implement it?

Okay great. Imagine we wanted to match people who bought and sold ice cream together on 2 variables (1 - number of flavours sold/favourite flavours in common, 2 - location). Let’s assume the users create profiles and provide this information, and we need the algorithm to match them in-real-time by looking for suitable matches as soon as every new user signs up and provides data. We also want to set it so that the algorithm does not match people who don’t meet a specified minimum degree of similarity, i.e. if two individuals have 3 flavours in common, location is used as a tie breaker, but if two individuals have no flavours in common, the algorithm doesn’t match them just because they live closest. We’d rather the algorithm waits for someone to come along with the right flavours. Does that make enough sense? Any thoughts would be massively appreciated.

I mean, we can put the conditions in a step (do if x and y = whaetever) but what will the step do?

maybe we can do terminate this workflow if x and y != whatever, then the next step terminate if condition is false etc…just a thought

how do you handle algorithm validations in Bubble? I’m curious

Built into Bubble is RMS (root mean square)

If you could model your database to fit this solution - then great!

Beyond that, you can create a plugin and write your matching/scoring algorithm in Javascript. This is totally possible and there are many matching/scoring algorithms around - but RMS is built into Bubble.

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