Help needed with matching users


I am pretty new to Bubble, so forgive me if this is an obvious answer.

I am looking to create an app that connects people together based on skillsets. For instance, person A might be good at maths, but not science. Whereas person B might be good at science, but not maths. I want to display this in a repeating group where a user can declare what they are good at, and what they would like to learn. This group would show users that have the desired skills, and that also want to learn one of the skills that the user has.

Does anyone have any advice on how I should set the data up for this? Also, does anyone know how to create the constraints for the repeating group to show the user suitable matches.

I hope this makes sense.


Hi liamlufc,

That is a great idea. To start, you will need to build a database and a form for users to fill out, what they are and are not good at. Once the database is done, you can set up the app however you’d like. For example, a page of users who are skilled in the options that the current user said they were not skilled in. This can be done by simply making conditions where:

“if a user is good at math, then make visible” on the math page.

Simple logic like so can really create an algorithm for your app. It’s hard for me to explain, but if you’d like more detail let me know or reach out! Hope this helps!

Anthony Lakey

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