Can Facebook Sign-in/Login be Used *WITHOUT* Custom Domain?

Total bubble noob question here, but (as other posters have had in the past), I’m having difficulty getting Facebook signup/login to work on my first app. It’s currently in “Hobby” account mode and so does not have a custom URL.

I’d tried setting up my domains/subdomains in Facebook Develop app settings to be (like) “” and “”, but I’m getting the dreaded “Can’t load URL:” message from FB when this is attempted.

Any insights? (Sorry this is similar to past posts, but none of the tips there seem to have resolved my issue.)


I have done this before without a domain using

App Domain:

SomeName. bubbleapps. io (no spaces, notices no https://)

Site Domain (notice this time with https://)

https ://

Make sure you have privacy policy and terms:

https ://

https ://

(without the space)

Get back if it works

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That was extremely HELPFUL, but didn’t quite solve it. I had clicked the “use generic redirect” option and needed to add that URI (https: //myapp .bubbleapps. io /api/1.1/oauth_redirect) to the Valid OAuth Redirect URIs settings under Facebook Login > Settings.

Thanks so much for confirming settings needed for this in the Basic section, etc. Surely saved me some time!


Glad you got it to work!

Paying it forward…

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