I can't still implement Facebook login/signup

I have followed the instruction here by providing the app domain. [New Feature] Using a generic redirect URL for OAuth providers but the results still shows on Facebook site.


I already provided app id and secret id to my plugin
Is anyone experiencing this?

That error is talking about app domain, not redirect. Check under Settings > Basic > App Domains

If your app is on a custom domain, add that. If it’s still on bubble domain, then it should be “bubbleapps.io

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I recently got this error as well and it looks like it’s because of a new requirement by Facebook. This article contains more info on the fix (though I haven’t tested it yet!):



I think it’s due to this reason which I don’t know how to solve.
I have followed the instruction given by @emmanuel to put :

Anyone knows how to deal with this?

I am getting this too :frowning: Has anyone figured out the issue yet? Help…

Hi FB recently changed the url matching to strict. The default is set to strict and can’t be turned off.

Read here https://developers.facebook.com/blog/post/2017/12/18/strict-uri-matching/

Hi! Did you figure out how to solve this?

You must also add the source URL to : Valid OAuth redirect URIs