Can I add the new parenthesis feature in a Workflow?

I just enabled the new parentheses feature because I want to do the following formula in a workflow:

I would like it to look like “20 - (3*6)” because right now it’s doing 20 - 3, then multiplying by 6.
Am I missing something or can I not add parentheses in Workflows with this update?

These little tic marks:

Are supposed to replace the parenthesis, but also are supposed to work the same way as the parenthesis do… based on the tic marks I see in your expression I would expect it to work the way you need (20 - (3*6)) so there seems to be an issue with how the order of operations are being executed. Anyone else have any ideas for how to force the correct order?

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After staring at it for 60 seconds this is what I thought the expression would do :woozy_face: Maybe it’s not a very helpful answer but just use the old expression composer with the parentheses experimental feature enabled.


Switching back to the old expression composer then switching back the new one fixed it for some reason. Is there a way to edit those ticks if I did want it a different way? Or is that system generated?

Anyway, thanks again for your help!

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To my knowledge the tics are supposed to act just like the experimental parentheses… so this may be a bug.

@grace.hong do you mind taking a look at this thread/ advising?

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