Adding and Using Parentheses in Workflow Only when Section

Hye guys, I’m trying to use the Parentheses in experimental mode.

I’ve got my expression working on a text element in a condition.

But I can’t get it working in a workflow in the only when section. Here’s a pic.

Any idea how to add the first green parentheses so I can continue with my expression?


you have to put and “and” in that second (more)

Thanks but I couldn’t get the second more to say “and”. I could only get an “and” after the second more. But then there are 2 "more"s stuck in my expression.

Also, my >0 is only being applied to the second part of the expression instead of the whole expression. Perhaps that would be fixed if the
"more"s are fixed?

you need to put an end on your search.

a search is a list of things.


do a search for colors: count = 3
do a search for colors: each ones name: = red, white, blue
do a search for colors: item#1’s name = red
do a search for colors: last item: name = blue

oh i see you have first item on there. let me look closer

essentially Im trying to do (showed (day) / scheduled (day) ) - (showed (day -1) / scheduled (day -1))
---- if that makes sense. I left out all the search for…s and the day is the group by info

it’s just to get the change from the previous day.

showed is the data type and day is the field?

Ahhhh honestly I don’t know how I did it but I got it to be right.

oooooh that was a minus before those 2 (more)'s. i was wondering why there was a dash there.

i was thinking you needed to plut first time before “sum of showed”, but sum of showed must be a list of days on the schedule. i like to put list in the field name when the field type is a list of things.

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