Can i display i group of data from database without using repeating group

i want to display a post the image and the comment under the post but i dont like the way the repeating group is displaying the data so i want to use just group instead where i can display each individual row of the database content in just one group at a time but it is giving an error that am referring to a list of post… how can i make it possiple to display this in a group?

You can do item #1 item #2 so forth.


Also, repeating groups are very customizable, what are you not happy with?

the scrolling effect is not suitable for me i would prefer single group display and my whole app should scroll with the screen not just the list scrolling… i will try the method will get back to you thank you

That’s possible with RG’s just choose Ext. vertical scrolling or Full list.


i tried it and it worked so well. you are the best

but i have another issue i would like you to help me with… i have successfully created the other one but now i need to be able to display multiple comment from the database but i have been able to replay existing comment and not create a new one under a post please how can i store multiple comment and retrieve them accordingly

If you are looking to create comments on a post, It’s certainly possible. This is something I have done in my own app.

I’m not sure what your app looks like, but basically when you create a new comment you attach it to the post’s list of comments.

Then you put the data source as that list of comments.


When send is clicked:


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ohhh wow i get let me try it out i will get back to you

so i will create another repeating group inside the first repeating group and create another field that is list of comment ?

That’s only if you want replies to comments like me. I suggest you try to make comments only first. To make sure you master that first.

sorry to bother you but i cant seem to get the data base part can i see how you configured your fields

@princetoby818 Sure I can share with you my editor. I’ll send you a direct message. I’ll also help you set it up more if you need to.

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