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Displaying Posts In a group

I am creating an app where in I let the users create a post and then show the post in a repeating group. But I want to display the post in a group and not a repeating group.
Basically I want my app to create a group and display the data whenever usre post something. How should I go about it ?
Please help

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Did you watch the video ‘send data to a group’?

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yes. Well here is my workflow

But now when I am trying to show the data in the group it does not appear over there. However when I do the same with repeating group the input starts to show. Where am I wrong

With the repeating group, you put the following…

Make sure you put the same thing in with the normal group.

Well this is what I am getting after doing the same in normal group

I have the same problem. I think here you have to work with “display data” and parent groups text workflow

You need to send the repeating group thing to the group as part of the workflow.