Display Repeating Group information

Can someone advise how I can display all data in a repeating group on another page?

In the image below the items in the repeating group are the input fields which in this case have been input by a user as 10, 9, 99 and 105.


On a page further down the line i need to display this data again. For the non-rpeating group items this is not a problem, I can easily save the Title and Total boxes as things and display the values on another page for what the user has input, but for the repeating group I canā€™t figure out how to do the same thing - I can display the last item or first item of the group, the nearest I can get is in the image below - I want all items of the group to be displayed as they are on the original image, so basically a copy of the information on the original page.


Any ideas or pointers would be appreciated as Ive been headscratching for some time.

Let me try and clarify;

Page 1, the user completes the fields in the repeating group as follows;


On page 2 I want to display the same information in exactly the same way, like thisā€¦


but I canā€™t work how. The nearest I can get is as follows;


Hopefully that makes sense.

Could you supply the editor please

hey @john6 - you just need to let the display repeating group know how it should split out the results from the ā€˜Repeating Groupsā€™ Search. You want the first result in the first cell, the second in the secondā€¦ and so on.

You do this by specifying an :item # and then calling the Current cell's index to complete the expression:


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Brilliant stuff, thank you very much.

Apologies, one thing still outstanding which is additional to my original request. How can I ensure whatā€™s displayed is for the Current User only? Every place I seem to select and change to ā€˜Current Userā€™ just results in nothing being displayed at all.