Can I "Do a search for" API Request data?

hello! I’m having problems accessing the request data from a webhook i created in bubble/stripe.

I have a backend workflow that detects when the user goes to a stripe portal and makes changes to their plan or cancels. I’m listening for the “customer.subscription.updated” event in stripe and that data’s being sent to Bubble.

It’s weird because I know I’m getting the ID because I’m using it in the same backend workflow to call stripe’s API, but when I try to search for the user in my database using a “Do search for” option, and then try to match the stripe user id with the request data customer id, then in the logs it says that it’s not found.

I’ve tried recreating the endpoint, testing diff types of data to no avail.

I’m pretty new to Bubble dev, so any help would be much appreciated.



What is not found is the “customer” key in the webhook. Are you sure you get the correct payload when you initialized the endpoint? I think that the customer, in event payload from stripe, is: Actually, I don’t see data in the path.

Good question. I’m just initializing it by sending a customer.subscription.updated event. I’m not sure if the payload changes or not depending on what the user is doing ie. updating vs canceling.

Also , I’m able to get the customer id other places in the workflow from the request data, with the same exact path, but it just gives me an error when I’m using “Do Search For”. Does bubble not allow you to access request data while you’re doing a search?

Yes it does. Privacy issue? If not, you may reach Bubble support (more if this work in other part of the WF). Be sure to copy paste one that is working into the field, just in case…

ty for your help! I think it was a privacy issue since i was able to successfuly retrieve it when i passed it to a backend api instead of trying to do everything in that endpoint workflow.

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