Track code used via Stripe - Ambassador

Can anyone give me some direction of how to track what code is used at stripe checkout please?

Thanks in advance

Do you utilize webhooks?

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Just trying to follow this tutorial now: How to connect Stripe webhooks to Bubble - Billflow

But keep getting this error.

Some of the steps seem to be different on my stripe dashboard

Yes. From old tutorials it’s changed.

Click “detect data” from the screen shot you sent.

On your Stripe dashboard go to (top right):
Developers > Webhooks

Add an endpoint

in the endpoint URL put in the URL bubble provided you from clicking “Detect data”

then add checkout.session.completed



click (top right) help > developer docs

click (bottom right) stripe cli

run this command
stripe trigger checkout.session.completed

Thanks so much for this Doug. When I search for the user to connect it to I can’t seem to select any dynamic data after ‘request data’

What you’ll do there, is search for the user by request data’s customer details email

OH i see. Did it not map any fields when you initialized it?

Oh apparently not, must be why I can’t get any data. Will try the process again…

Try once more. Did the stripe cli complete with 0 erros? Make sure you hit save on bubbles end to save the mappings.

You’ll also need to change the url on stripe. I’d add one event each for testing and live.

nah, came back with customer not found. Sorry, let me try again and work out what I missed

Nope still not bringing data back…clearly doing something very wrong lol. Thanks for your time though, I really appreciate it

What you will probably have to do is download the cli and run it from the command prompt. Which is kind of advanced.

Download for your correct operating system

Extract - wherever

on windows search for cmd and open Command Promt

type in command prompt
cd fileurltostripeclihere

once you get it authenticated run this command again while bubble is trying to initialize the data
stripe trigger checkout.session.completed

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This is amazing, thanks so much. Will give this a go now. Really appreciate your support

You’re welcome!

@jessefarquhar48 see this

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