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Can I fix your app? For free?

Do you need to:

  • add dark mode to a page?
  • fix a page’s responsiveness?
  • redesign a page according to TailwindUI style?
  • speed up page load?
  • untangle a hairy workflow?
  • repair a complex RG filter?
  • implement reusables?

You’re interested? → PM me.

Not interested? :firecracker: roast this idea. Be candid, harsh, cruel! Here, I’ll get you started: “Your idea won’t work for me because _____”

Why am I asking?

I’m looking for a handful of beta testers to give me feedback on the quality of the work and the systems.

Overall, I’m wondering if there’s interest in a unlimited Bubble design & development plan. Is there? (Like DesignJoy or DesignPickle

What do you get?

You get a free subscription for 2 weeks (normally a €750/month value). You can submit as many requests as you like. Prioritize your requests and I will pick them up 1 by 1. We go back and forth until you’re satisfied.

Cost to you?


What’s the catch?

What I ask (pending you liked the work) is to:

  1. provide feedback
  2. record a video testimonial, and
  3. introduce Refactoring NoCode to 3 other colleagues you think could benefit from the service.


Why should you trust me?
Don’t. Trust the work.

How good are your design skills / taste?
Truth is, I’m an ogre. However,

  1. I study and practice Steve Schoger’s work at TailwindUI and
  2. I’ve got my ass kicked by Greg and James at Buildcamp’s Design Bootcamp.
  3. Not to mention that I’ve stayed in a Holiday Inn Express.

How good are your Bubble skills?
I’ve started my Bubble journey building an app for my own business (, capturing customer interest, handling invoices, connecting the financials, etc… I’ve broken tons of things and I’ve got the battle scars to prove it. In that journey I’ve learned a bit.

Is this just a weird way to hire you as a freelancer?
Not really. When you hire a freelancer you’ve got a couple of options:

  1. Fixed scope
  2. Time-based

Fixed scope means the burden is on you to do think through all the details.
Time-based, you are incentivized to use the freelancer as little as possible.

In both scenarios there’s a whole lot of wasted energy on nit-picking invoices instead of focus on doing good work.

Working software is the primary measure of progress.
– Agile Manifesto

Do you only fix stuff or can you implement new?
I can build new things, yeah. But it’s easier to fix something already built. Why? You’ve already flushed out your thoughts so I can pick it up from there.

What if you break my app?
You roll it back to the save point you created before you added me to your app.

How do you work on my app? Do you need my password?
Nope, Bubble built that functionality. Just add me as a collaborator.


I’d love to oblige on the roast, @rico.trevisan, but I can’t because your idea and post are, well, fantastic. Oh, and these words…

… might literally be the most awesome four words (strung together to form a coherent thought, of course) I have ever read in this forum, and I have read a lot of stuff out here. Case in point, this interaction at the end of the first call with a person with whom I have partnered on a recent project…

Person: So, how do I send you some money so we can get started?
Me: You don’t.
Person: Um, what?
Me: You don’t have any idea that I can do any of what I said I can do, and you have no reason to trust me. Let me start to put “pen to paper” and knock out a quick feature or two so you can see the work because at the end of the day, that’s what you should trust… the work.

Again, really great stuff, Rico, and I wish you a ton of success with this endeavor.