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Can i generate a PDF based on multiple tables

I have looked at the pdf plugins but i can see that they print just the content of a page.

I have a situation where, for compliance purposes in the financial services industry, i need to generate a pdf snapshot of data at any particular time and that data is made up of data spread across multiple related tables.

Is there a pdf plug in that can do this, or can it be generated in Word and then that word document converted to pdf.

I guess i could create a Bubble page and put all elements in that one page and then generate a pdf. This ocul d turn out to be a lot of data on one page and may take time to load/generate pdf.

We spent a lot of time working on converting to PDF and in my opinion the best plugin is Conjure PDF. It took a while to understand the documentation but nothing actually has to be visible on the screen to create a PDF with this plugin. We use it on backend workflows.

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