Can I get back a deleted page from a template I purchased?


I am using a template and at the moment I would like to make things neater by deleting plugins, pages and styles I am not using.

However, what if I need some of those in the future? Is there a way I can put my hands on the template as it was originaly delivered to me after the first purchase?


You may contact the owner of template or you may email

Yes, when you purchase a template it is in your account, so whenever you create a new app, and see the prompt to start from a template, it provides a dropdown list of all templates in your account, and since you do not have the ability to modify the template itself, that template in your account is exactly as it was when your purchased it, unless the template developer made modifications to it between the time of your purchase and the time you create a new app from it.

Any paid plugins are in the app you create from the template, but you need to pay for them to actually function within the app created from the the template, so no issue if you delete, except for the fact that any dependent functions will not work. For any free plugins, go ahead and delete after verifying the plugin is still available on the marketplace, because once you delete it, if it is not on the marketplace any longer, you will not be able to reinstall it into an app you created from template and deleted the free plugin. But, also, any functions dependent on the free plugin will also stop working once you delete it.

Go ahead and delete them. Because if you need them again, you can simply create another app from the template and then copy and paste the pages and styles into the app you previously deleted them from.

Thanks to both of you,

I would have hoped there would be some sort of branch control etc… just like the codebase, that would allow to upgrade the design whenever it is updated by the creator.

Maybe that’s a Bubble feature request I should send.