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Undo turning app into template

I was trying out the Template function and misunderstood the creation dialog box, think it would take a copy of my app and make a template. But no(!) So now my app is a template and I need to get it back as a normal app.

I also seems that when deleting a Template, it does not disappear from my Bubble home page, and I cannot delete it there (I tried this on another test app).

I have been having the same problem. When I first got into Bubble I accidentally created a template and couldn’t delete it. Waiting on a fix.

Now even worse! I made another copy of my app (that one that’s is now a template, see above). This since I have (what I think is) a good example of a login flow with Facebook I wanted to share. So I edit the new template (deleting stuff) it deletes stuff in the other app as well (template).

This is a real problem since my original app is my first real app to be launched and now I got pages deleted from it.

Please @emmanuel could you rescue me (from myself) :slight_smile:

I’d reach out to [email protected] directly, as this is not something the community can help with. That’ll get the development team’s attention much faster.

Does App Backup not take you back to pre-template? (or undo changes to the 2nd app)

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Ahh! Version Control! That did it. Thnx for showing me my blind spot @DaveA.

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