Can i have a HTML element in front of a button and still clickable?

I had a circle that i wanted to act as a button but then put a lottie file animation on top of it so that there is an animated tick instead of a basic bubble tick. Only problem is I noticed that you can’t seem to put a “when this is clicked” workflow action on a HTML element. So i just but another button next to it but how can i have a HTML element on top of a button and somehow have the action happen when that it pressed?

Let me know if you need further clarification.

You could create a fake button (a group which contains text + the animation) and looks like a button.

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For more context, here is the situation. the circle is underneath the html (the html element is way larger because the animation (which is a circle tick animation, had huge empty margins)

The big white group next to it is what i have currently been using as a button (which is obviously weird and need to be changed).

All of this is happening in a repeating group cell btw. I could put all of the cell contents inside a group and put the action on that group but im not sure if the action will trigger when the html is clicked.

Oh, I see…

Could you put the button in front of the HTML element, would that work? Alternatively, try adding a pointer-events: none; CSS rule to the HTML element which should mean the click passes through to the button.

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I’m not a technical person so i would need more details on how to do this/how it works. where and how exactly do i put this in and how does it work? thanks

Would the simplest and cleanest solution be to just put a big invisible group/button on top of it all.

Update: this is the solution i did