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Resolved: Button text sits under image

Currently when a button is set to image the text shows up below the image. I have to create an image and overlay text on top and then create workflows twice (once for image, once for text) to get this to work. If a buttons text overlayed on top of the image it would alleviate all this extra work.

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In a group, place an image element, then a text element on top of that, then a transparent button on top of that (or just make the text element fill the entire area and use that as the button).

ya thats what ive done. i just figured the point of the button was to keep it all to one element.

Using the button element works fine for simple cases, but it becomes more difficult once you try to have multiple components in it, like text and images. Using multiple elements to make up the button gives you more control on the behavior and organization of what’s inside.

OK. I figured out that by using the text element i can set the background to image and have it be one element that way. it helps with the problem of having to search for the element behind it to edit it or to have to hide the front element to edit the back image.

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