Bringing Element to front?


Right now I have an invisible element that will only become visible using “show” in the workflow, once a certain event is triggered.

However, this element will cover other parts of my interface, when visible so they can’t click through it on buttons that this element sits in front of. But it is crucial that user sees this visible element, so I need it in the front. I can’t have it in the back because then the user can’t see this element properly.

But the problem is, even when invisible, I can’t click through that element for the user to access what is behind that element. Is there a way to bring an element to the front through the workflow? I wasn’t able to find another on that. Other than that, is there a way to have a user be able to click through invisible elements? It’s not working in my case.


If an element is not visible, then you should be able to click anything that’s behind where it would be if it was visible, without any issue.

That fact you’re saying you can’t leads me to believe that the element actually is visible (even though you think it’s not).

In any case, you can add some custom CSS using the Pointer Events property pointer-events: none if you want to be able to click things that are ‘underneath’ another element.

CSS pointer-events property (

Z-Index plugin


Just to clarify, this icon means the image is not visible correct?

I can’t click through it in this state

No… that icon is just whether or not you can see the element in the editor… nothing to do with whether it’s visible or not on the actual page.

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oh lol, thanks thought it was.

just ticked the visble thing on page load on the element settings and solved it

appreciate the help sir

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