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Can I have a URL?

As instance instead of


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Thank you SO much Nigel! your solution seems great, but I just can’t put it in practice. I’ve tryed hard all afternoon+night long, but all I get is the reload of a blank page (in the best case). Surely it’s because I’m not a native language speaker and I’m really a newbie in bubble. :pensive: I don’t want to abuse of your time (and maybe I’m also off topic) but can I ask you for a paid remote advice? Basically what I need is that the user insert a value in here and get a unique permanent URL he can share. Just like or (worst but still ok)

Are able to make your app public temporarily… and send me a .message with the URL.

That is the quickest way to get it sorted.

But basically as long as you have stored that “uservalue” somewhere you can bring it back on the page.