Lets see if anyone knows how to do this

dynamic data for a page’s URL


you go to a user’s profile (this user would have a slug), instead of it being:


it will be like this:


Haven’t figured it out yet, Is it possible with bubble?

Not natively possible. Try nocodemayo.com

Not this question again!!…. (Literally the third time in a week!!)

The answer is the same as it’s always been (search the forum for the same answer from the past 7 years)…


7years? why hasn’t bubble implemented this yet? not possible with no-code?

Dude, it’s a constant plague for years and it seems to come in waves and NOBODY ever reads the old threads where this was thoroughly hashed out. (And unlike some other old info is still absolutely true.)

If I were that nocodemayo guy I’d be here in the forum constantly going, “no you can’t do that in vanilla Bubble, but try my commercial routing solution for this!”

Anyway, for anyone interested, this post from 2019 IS STILL CORRECT:

EDIT: the sample app mentioned there, which still works and can be inspected, is from the time before slugs in Bubble. So if one were doing this today, one might use the slugs feature to make it rather easier, but it shows how to do it without even having slugs.


YOU SHARE A WEB SERVER. So you cannot create routes like this. End of story.

hey thanks for the response, the forum didn’t suggest that to me when creating the topic but thanks boss

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