How can I set a dynamic page name? eg.

I want to allow users to claim a link that they can share to bring others to their page on my website. the same way on cal or Calendly. I thought you could just set the page name as dynamic text but you can’t. I have found plenty of people asking this question but no answers. I just want to make it easy for a person to have their own link to their page on this website but the closest I can get is to have a page name then a slug eg. whereas I just want the URL to be Is there any way of doing this?

Not possible in native Bubble:

Possible with using something like CoAlias:

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It’s possible.
Custom Page SLUG | Ghost Codes’s Tips (

Go to a random slug after that, will show you same page with error instead.

sorry I was fixing it up for preview while you guys were looking at it haha.

Now… as far as SEO goes, not sure how that pans out. Ideally, I’d just setup conditionals in the page meta info as well. Maybe I should make a guide on this haha.

Changing for hello32:

That’s correct.

I have it set to only work when hello33 is detected. Thus, resulting in an error page cause it was not found.

That’s just the middleware, ideally I could make it detect a user as well. Enter this in after: ?u=1687370378614x520708368620460350

So how did you do it?

It seems I can’t understand your example.
So, let’s imagine we’d like to have instead of
How do you solve this task?

Okay. Here you are.

try those slugs out, those are users.


This is the pages.

If this is what you wanted, I can make a guide on it. I was planning on it sometime anyways. Just let me know.

now go to*slug* and see for yourself.

As far as SEO goes, may need to test on a live app to figure out how I’d be able to make it work, but I don’t use SEO with Bubble really anyways.

Oh, I see.
Also found your recent discussion with @boston85719 about the same thing.

So that’s something Keith mentioned here:

That’s interesting. So, 13 years ago Google stated that 404 doesn’t hurt website rankings. Wonder if things changed later.

P.S. I think you should create a post about this approach in Tips if you want. Will be useful for everyone to discuss and share :slight_smile: