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Can i have posts tagged with a gps location and a search that shows nearby posts?

i dont get it, can you explain this to me? i want a current user’s posts to be tagged with their current location, so that in the future i can have users search for posts that were made nearby. how would i do this? right now when a user hits “post”, a post is created with the fields “message” and “location” with location=current user’s location. is this the right way? would i just have a repeating group search for posts with that location? i want it to be a radius though. so if the user is in new york city, posts from nearby (brooklyn, queens, new jersey, etc) can be shown. is this even possible?

i like how instagram and snapchat show certain posts near a user.

Yes, that is exactly how you would do it.

Search for “Posts” within x miles of User’s current position.

A bit like this …

(So this is every “Location” within x miles (based on a slider) that is public and not created by this user.

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