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Search Button (user location)

HI guys,

I’m very new to the bubble platform and need some help understanding
how i could create a button that find the users location that clicked the button and then search
that postcode, then to find a shop within 5km from them. and show the result on a new page

The way you’d do it is, if you were to do this on the same page (which is simpler), You’d have a repeating group that can display shops and have a workflow that does

When the button is clicked, display list in repeating group, and the data source of that action being “Do a search for shops with the constraint address is within 5km of current position” You’ll find current position in the dropdown.

No need to worry about zip code here.


Hi, I am just starting up on the search feature and I need some help.

Here’s the design page

  • On the page a user can add contacts
  • And it will be displayed in the repeating group on the left hand side
  • I want to add the ability to search for a Contact name (in case the contact list grows)
  • I have created a search button - and also created an invisible repeating group to try and show the info on the same page… however I can’t figure out the workflow to use the data from the search text input… Am I doing something incorrectly?


So i’ve found that its easier to create the data/ info first and then create the search functionality to go with it.

Start off making a data base for the users where they can store their location, then create the search functionality.

create search button–> then create the repeating group as youve done, in the properties box, make the content type = geographic address

make the data source = repeating group results’ list of geographic addresses

that should be it. I think there’s a tutorial on it too you could check out.

Good Luck!

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