Can I import a Themeforest Template into Bubble?

Here’s the template:

Basically I’d just like to use it as a starting point and then further customize everything using Bubble - is that possible? If so, can someone explain how? Thanks so much! :slight_smile:

There are no templates on Bubble, mainly because we’d spend too much time customising, and not enough time building. Take a look at to get some inspiration, and then start making your site to look like your theme

Yes, we don’t do this yet, but we may at some point. No clear timeline on this though. it’s a bit tricky as elements in Bubble have a semantic purpose, while in themeforest elements are purely visual.

In a related fashion, is there the concept of a “bubble theme” that could be built, shared/sold, and modified by the purchaser? It’d be pretty cool to have some starter applications up and running to build from. The use case I imagine goes something like this:

  • I want to build a webapp, and I need a blog in it.
  • I go to the bubble Marketplace and search for “Blog Starter Kit”
  • I purchase it
  • I’m presented with the option to start a new app from this template, or bring the template into an existing app

It’s obviously not a need, but it’d be pretty cool. I imagine so many people are building the same components frequently.

Yes, it’s definitely something we’d like to add at some point, and have been experimenting a bit (see elements templates at the bottom of the new element palette?, that’s one attempt, not sure how good it is. have you used it?).

The general issue with templates is that Bubble is extremely customizable. Usually, templates don’t go very well with customizability, since there are a lot of things the user can change, and it becomes messy (for squarespace, templates work great for this reason). Maybe a blog component could be a good way to experiment, but not sure yet how it would look like. Another element template? a new page? Some people have asked for templates for market places, for instance. And we could make a clone (or almost) of Airbnb, and probably sell it for quite a lot, but I’m not sure the experience would be good after. If you take a complex Bubble app and try to change it, but don’t know well the structure of the DB, pages, etc. it can be quite hard…

Would love to hear some thoughts there :slight_smile:

Hi All,
Just yesterday we have launched - a place where users can shop for ready-made templates and sample apps. If you have an app to list please reach out to us and and we’ll discuss.
Here is the forum post about Bubble Store - would appreciate if we can have all the discussion about it there: - Bubble Templates for landing pages, API configurations, workflows and much more


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Please help, this applies to all themes, or what a particular mentioned by the author? If I need to import specifically THIS theme if all goes smoothly?

Hello, we don’t support this yet.

Would it be possible to add a framework, from which templates could be generated?

@emmanuel , now reopening the topic after six years, have you been able to figure out some way to get it to work?
I realise it would be a great booster for the bubble platform if you could make it possible.
Looking forward to a positive response.