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Is This Possible On Bubble?

Is it possible to buy an admin theme template like:

and configure it be used on Bubble so that it looks pixel perfect? Is this the fastest way of making Bubble applications look great?


Nice theme!

Most of it you can do in Bubble out of box - fonts, HTML and CSS are all done in the Editor, so no need to code at all. That’s great. I think only the charts and the world map can’t be done.

The hard part is that you will need to so it all manually. It gives you total freedom, thought, and once you built it, it’s there to use.

@emmanuel said Bubble has future plans to sell content created from users (Bubble marketplace?), but it’s not there…yet.

Bubble marketplace would be a good idea for non coders like me. Cant wait for it.

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We’ll need some time, it’s a big project… There are a few marketplaces we have in mind, apps, plugins, etc.


Another idea is about tutorials - Digital Ocean pays in service credits por original content (50 US$/article), and translations.