Getting Started with Templates - Adding Templates After App Creation

So… I created an App… but there are features of other Apps/Templates I’d like to import or add to my main App. Could someone help show me how to Import a page or Template into an already created Application? Note: The templates and Pages are in my personal apps or “purchased” templates.

Is this possible?


Did you figure this out? Also trying to do the same… never purchased a template before till now and hope it’s possible. Or did I just waste $$ :open_mouth:

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Right click on the element and select copy with workflows. Now you can paste it with workflows on your current app. It will trigger a lot of errors though.

Oh man, that’s really annoying … I almost rather just build it out myself.

Thanks for the info.

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I find myself re-building stuff all the time, just way more fun. Will be soon be making a library of re-usable elements though without any workflows, which makes it far easier to copy to another project.

I wish @Bubble would let us know about this when purchasing a template…

Why would I buy a template if I have to manually copy + paste with workflows into my existing app. That defeats the whole purpose. I’m basically buying a template only having to completely rebuild it in my app…

I understand errors would occur when importing the template, but I’d rather work with errors than having to rebuild it completely.

Just email the author and Bubble and see if you can get a refund. Usually it’s not an issue if the author agrees.

A template is usually something you start FROM, to build something. In other words, it’s your foundation, then you adapt, modify, add things atop.

Bubble offers a templates library, a plug-ins library, and that’s really cool! What could be missing in-between is a kind of “components” library, where you can buy or get for free some UI or functional components. But there’s a workaround : . Have a look at it! AirDev provides also a library of components you can pick up and put in your existing app.

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I would say start with the template that offers the most so you have to rebuild the least. For the other templates, it’s copy and paste but also LEARNING. As you have to make it match the style of your app anyway. It’s a great way to learn how smarter developers are doing things.

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No… I didn’t get a reply or see how to bring a full page into my project. But as others have aluded, I simply copy the elements from one project (in one screen), to my current project and paste them.

You can copy with or without workflows as well.
Hope that helps.

I get the point that @alex.p and @Christophe_HK are making. My situation was that I had got the template or built out my proof of concept and wanted to bring it into my “good” copy project. Why rewrite all the workflows and nuances I’ve already worked to figure out? I built the page… let me copy it to other projects.

The templates is a great example… I’ll download and try them out, customize them and then want to use my revised and modified page in my new project… Currently I copy and paste the page with workflows.

It would be nice if we could access each project->page like a library to import into new projects. Or if we create reusable elements in one project, use them in others.


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