Can I make a specific text in a text box(not the whole text box) show new element?

From this picture, I want to use my mouse hovering/clicking over the text Robert Kiyosaki and make it show a text box above. How can I do that if Iโ€™m not good at HTML?

from this picture I notice that if I can find html code hidden that command the below the text box(Robert Kiyosaki) to show, I can put it in the long-texted box, like how I use rich text to use different colors in one box.

Anyone know a way? Really appreciate. :sweat::sweat:

Can you draw a picture of what you want? Itโ€™s not clear to me.

You can have a text element thatโ€™s set to visible only when Robert Kiyosaki ('s element) is hovered.
You can set a tooltip.

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