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How to use different colors / boldness within one text box [SOLVED]

Hi guys,

I am new here and very excited to get started! I have been messing around quite a bit already and can´t seem to change colors within one textbox. I would like to give a different letters within one word different colors (red and grey) but I´m having troubling figuring out how.

1 - Is there an easy way to do this?
2 - If not is it possible to use some CSS coding to manually adjust it?

I have been searching around in the topics on this forum but wasn´t able to find an answer to this question.

Thanks a lot for your help!


For text elements, select “Rich text editor” near the text input. From there, you can modify various attributes of your text strings.

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Hi Scott,

Thanks a lot for your answer, helping me out big time! Hope I can return the favor someday.

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