Need help with dynamic data

Hey everybody. I am looking for a solution but I dont even know how to ask the question on google so maybe you can help me. I am trying to figure out how can I make a text element in a fixed possition, which will be dynamic and it will contain the information about what the current user is hovering atm. I found the tooltip text solution, which shows the right data but right to your mouse which is not what Im looking for and also tried the group focus but I could not manage to position it. Can you give me a few hints how can I Solve my problem?
Thank you for your answer!

It sounds as if you just want to have a text element that becomes visible when another element is hovered… is that what you’re trying to do?

Yes. And the text should be the elements name which is hovered

In that case, it’s simple…

Firstly, set the text to be not visible on pageload, then use conditions to make it visible when the relevant elements are hovered.

Then just make the text display whatever it is you want to display.

Okay So I made the text element and left it empty, not visible on pageload. I opened the conditions and I have the option the select what should happen when I hover but on the text element, But I want to define to make it visible when I hover on the other elements. So you have text element A and Image 1 and image 2. When I hover on image 1, the text element will say image 1. So shouldnt I change the conditions of the image1 and image2? Am I overlooking something?

“make it visible when the relevant elements are hovered.” How can I find this option?

Nevermind. I just found it… I actually had the option to do something when other element is hovered… I really overlooked it sorry.

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