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Can I make android app with bubble?

Does Bubble on android available now?

If not, Could you kindly please let me know how to create hybrid app on android with bubble?

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Every app built with bubble is going to be a hybrid app. I’d suggest looking at @natedogg course, or to GoNative to wrap your bubble app. You could also search the forum for Phonegap

We managed to create an Android app in Android Studio using a webview. The only issue we have still is using the camera of the phone for the picture uploader, besides this it works great! So yeah, it’s possible.

@natedogg did you ever encounter this problem creating a webview app with Android Studio? We’re managing to upload photos which are already taken. However, taking new photos directly from the app doesn’t work, and only in the app we created. Using the browser it all works like it should.

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I made a comment in another post using thunkable, I think you’ll find it in my profile. It covers all of the steps and takes a few minutes. Bubblers will feel right at home :grinning:.

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I too have the same issue. I used (trial) and it works through there… but when I go through the codelessacademy course I can’t seem to get it to work. I thought it was because of croppie but it seems like you’re having the same issue with picture uploader. I’m thinking it’s either a permission under the manifest we’re missing or some library we’re not calling… Hope @natedogg can lend a hand…

@Timon what steps did you take with your webview to upload photos that were already on the device? On mine it won’t even prompt to upload something, it does nothing and is very sad to see after 200+ hours of work haha… ugh. Works on iOS though.

Haha can imagine, I’ll ask my friend how he did that part/where he found the instructions and will pass it through to you.

Hey guys, I wrote a post about on how to do this fast and cheaply:

I’m not sure if the picture upload-problem is the same one i described in the post, but it in any case everything works fine in our app (also uploading pictures from your phone on both iOS & Android). Good luck!

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Cool!! You are GENIUS
Thanks guys :slight_smile:

I’m still having the same problem with picture uploader on Andriod. @Timon ave you managed to solve it?

Hi, there is a lot of information to convert the bubble web app into webview android app and is not complicated, but the picture uploader is not working at all. Any idea on how to solve this? Thank you.