Can I move from Amazon servers to another service?

Hi everyone!

I’m experiencing extreme difficulties as my app got blocked by the Russian state communication control agency along with a bunch of other Amazon-based websites due to a witch hunt on the Telegram app. So, basically my core audience in Russia can not access my app without using a VPN, which is a big barrier of entry.

Does anyone know a solution on how I can switch to another server? Or if there is anything else that could be done?

I will really appreciate any feedback.

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There is no AWS privacy region in Russia, nor will there likely be anytime soon. Not sure how much AWS platform capability Bubble uses, but it isn’t a simple forklift into another data center regardless. Option 1: offer Bubble a truckload of money to see if they’d help you port it to a Russian data center (doubt this is even an option, but maybe you have a big truck). Option 2: re-build app using Russian, Belarus, Ukranian dev shop. Either option will require a truck filled with money. Good luck! :grinning:

Thanks a lot for the feedback.
The goal was for the app to create the big truck, not the other way around =)
Anyways I did find a solution through CloudFlare. So if anyone has the same problem, try their services.
Don’t know if it’s a sustainable option, but definitely allows me to go further with my MVP for now.


Yes this is a big problem and it seems difficult to solve. I mentioned this here: It seems like Bubble is blocked in Russia

If your audience is only in Russia, so you are targeting only Russia, it seems you have a couple of options according to Bubble support:

We have contacted AWS to see if there are alternative data centers that are still accessible. Unfortunately, there is no clear solution provided by them at the moment.

Our next suggestion would be for you to set up a reverse proxy server in a non-AWS datacenter somewhere in Europe that is not blocked in Russia.

  • That server can be configured to forward traffic to the main cluster at its IP address, without modifying the headers.
  • Since it’s in Europe, the blocks should not affect the traffic between the main cluster and the proxy server.
  • You can then transfer your apps’ DNS to point at the proxy and it will look to the outside world as if your website is hosted in that datacenter rather than in AWS.
  • This method requires some technical knowledge and it’s outside the realm of services that we can help you with, but it’s probably only a couple hours of work for someone with a little technical knowledge.
  • You might also be able to achieve the same effect by using a commercial CDN, but you should confirm that
    a) the CDN is not blocked in Russia (CloudFlare, one of the most popular ones, may or may not be blocked)
    b) the CDN is just passing through traffic without modifying it, and that it has a long timeout configured, since header modification and short timeouts can cause issues with Bubble.

I have a question for you: do you have users in other locations than Russia? If so, are they in any way affected (performance wise) with using the cloudflare cdn?

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My users are all based in Russia, so I can’t really compare. I was able to allude the block by using CloudFlare. Although sometimes I get notifications from Bubble that there’s something fishy with my servers. Performance-wise I can’t say that I see some trouble.

The only trouble is that I can’t move my bubble editor to CDN. So I have to work in two browsers to make sure the app is working properly.

I have the same now with using cloudflare. Unfortunately my app is still blocked so I have to remove and add my domain again going to get an IP that isn’t blocked…

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