[Inquiry] How Can I do Web Hosting by AWS(Amazon Web Service) with Bubble

Hello Bubblers!
I am beginner about web hosting.

First, Bubble officially guide for hosting in GoDaddy, Google, NameCheap (as belows)

But, My question is

  • Can I use AWS (Amazon web service) for web hosting?
  • (I’ve search the keyword bubble and aws. but not found.)

The reason why I try to use AWS,

  • I want to make a global service from America to Asia.
  • As I searched, it is possible to use seperated-sources, America and Asia.

So, How can I use AWS for web hosting with Bubble?

Bubble is an all-inclusive platform and you cannot self-host it on AWS or anywhere else. That being said, Bubble is already hosted on AWS and is available globally. If you move to the Dedicated plan (very very expensive) then you could probably get it deployed in Asia, but for every other plan it will be deployed in the US. Your application is served up via Cloudflare though, so performance impact globally should be minimal in a lot of use cases.

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Solved! Thank you so much Mr. Flowtron.

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