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Can I post a scheduled post on User's FB and Linkedin wall?

Question: I am working on an app that will enable users to login/register via FB & Linkedin and I want to know if bubble allows to:

  1. Post on User’s wall at scheduled time in the future (FB wall and Linkedin wall)
  2. Can I get User’s: Name, Image & Number of followers when they register on my app via Facebook and/or Linkedin?

thank you so much

No, not via the inbuilt functions right now.

You could probably make it work if you put your mind to it. But it is a little tricky.

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thank you for the quick reply, is the plan in the future to add this functionality to it?

You could try buffer. Though I do not know the integration options available . . .

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ya, buffer works well if sharing just by myself. but I am looking into creating a project that will post on multiple user’s FB profile; user’s who participate in my campaign.

@NigelG any suggestions on how to go about posting on user’s FB wall? I really appreciate it.

Check the FB documentation on this here and an overview of their Graph API here

Essentially, during the OAuth flow you need to ask permission from your user to use this scope (node in FB terminology).

I do not think the standard bubble FB OAuth flow supports this. . .

As above, you request scope as part of your login (which is not part of the bubble flow you would need your own).

You then get redirected back to your app’s callback page. In the URL will be a hash parameter. (so a paramter that doesn’t have a ? but has a # instead) - that will contain the auth token from the User. You take that, and your own credentials, and request an API token from Facebook. You then use that token to call the APIs you need.

So essentially quite simple, but you can’t do it in native Bubble because …

  1. Bubble can’t see the hash parameters in the “Get ? parameter from page URL”.
  2. Even if you could if may well be encoded and we have no way of decoding

Assuming you can get round this (the former is possible with a webtask, and I think the second too) …

  1. You don’t want to expose your Facebook credentials on the client side for everyone to see
  2. There are considerations for where to store the tokens … I think I am right in saying that FB tokens don’t expire

You can do 3) in a Webtask as well, which will hide the creds. But that still leaves 4).

So if you can find someone with the coding skills to write these little microservices … it would be possible. But potentially not advisable.

So if anyone knows enough Javascript/Node to be able to help … please do call :slight_smile:

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So jumping in here… and answering the post.

  1. We haven’t added the API calls that lets you do this with Facebook and Linkedin, as people haven’t asked for them yet (and you want to be careful with this, as it can lead to spam pretty quickly). We can look into adding this (if you can tell us which calls, pointing to the docs that’d be easier). We sometime ask for a one-time sponsoring fee if there is a little bit of work (more to make sure the feature gets used once built), but it depends on the amount of work.

When it’s about scheduling things in time, yes you can do this, we have a scheduled workflow feature.

  1. Yes, you can get the name, the image currently with both services. Not the number of followers, but we can look into adding this, should be quick. The best would here again to point us to the docs to make sure we talk about the same thing.

Twitter is a bit different, as we dont’ have the integration yet (even Oauth). We’re looking at this, will try to add this this month, but for some reasons Twitter doesn’t want to upgrade their code (still on Oauth1, which makes adding it a bit more work).

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Ultimately though, isn’t doing it piecemeal going to be more onerous for you ?

We already have the API connector, so if you gave us a way to obtain the API token from any OAUTH provider then we could call what we wanted provided we had relevant scope ?

Please see our previous conversation about this on the forum.

We’re looking into it, if it were easy we’d do it immediately. It’s not that we don’t want to do it, its that is opens a lot of security questions and eventually we are responsible if something goes wrong…

But we’re looking into it.

I know, and see my previous response :slight_smile:

There is being security conscious, and there is trying to second guess Google and others, who clearly are fairly happy with giving out tokens.

The tokens are, usually, signed, time limited and encrypted. So even if someone got one, they can’t do anything with it without the App secret. So even if they have the App Secret, the token is signed so they can’t change the user’s token to be their own App. And even then it will expire.

Doing it all client side (so the implicit flow for SPAs etc) does make it harder, but the server flows are well known.

Not suggesting it is easy (although the mechanism is) and there would be a lot of things to consider (token expiry etc) but it is at least a well trodden path.


@NigelG and @emmanuel thank you so much for reply. I have to say this is amazing and very engaging community, I am impressed.
thank you

I am following this conversation because I also am interested in how to post content to Facebook. In my situatuon, I have a Facebook Page that I would like to create a post on everytime I create a new post on my site. Any more progress on this in 211 days?

You can now do this, but you will need to workout the API calls.