Schedule posts on social media

Is there any way a bubble app can connect with Facebook or Twitter or Instagram and schedule posts?

I’m struggling to find a way.
The alternative is to purchase Ayrshare plugin which would be too much of an expense for my price point.

Please help.

I think you will need to use API connector.

did you happen to find a way?

You can do this by integrating directly with the respective APIs or use Pathfix to get the feature built faster.


Awesome! Do you have any training or resources to help guide?

I have invested lot of time integrating and building with pathfix. Pathfix is the option out there if you want to build it as SaaS. If you want it just for yourself then check ayrshare and integrate it in bubble app. Or Yes you can hire me :smiley: to integrate it.

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Hi, how would I go about contacting you for this custom work? Cheers!