Can I put a floating group inside a repeating element?

On my app users communicate with each other, and I want to have notifications pop up briefly in the corner, regardless of what page they are on or what position they’re at on the page.

I had thought to do this in a floating group in the menu, because the menu is already a repeating element and I wouldn’t have to add this floating group across all pages in the app directly. However, I’ve done this and it’s not showing up as a page-level floating group, it’s showing up within the menu.

How do I add a floating group in a repeating element so that it shows up on a page level? Is this possible?

I know that I can add a floating group directly to each page and put a reusable element into the floating group, but I’m really hoping there’s a better way than doing that for every single page!



As you’ve noticed, once a floating group is grouped inside of another element type, it loses its core floating properties.

The way to achieve this functionality would be to use our native “alert” element with the “position at the top” checkbox checked. This will create an alert that always shows at the top of the screen.

Alternatively, there are also a few third party plugins that create a different aesthetic for this same functionality - Air Alert is a very popular one.

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Am I able to put a repeating group in an alert or is it all text? In my use case I may need to show multiple items.

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