Floating groups bug?

Hi, I’m having trouble getting any floating elements to work besides the default header.

I’ve used them successfully before, but now floating groups disappear completely from the page when I try to preview or launch the page into live mode.

Is anyone else having trouble with floating groups?

Update: I can sort of get floating-group-type behavior to happen by enlarging the header to take up the whole page and making other elements appear at certain scrolling positions. But this is not particularly helpful since these floating elements can only interact with other elements inside the header.

Update 2: I tried making a reusable element cloned from the header, but it doesn’t show up when the page is previewed or launched to live mode. I also tried putting the floating group on the background by itself and inside other groups, but there was no change.

Thanks we’ll look into it. Can you share a link? Or file a bug report?

Has it been resolved? I am also having a lot of trouble with floating groups… the elements in the floating group just don’t get displayed and I’ve tried everything I can think of. Is there a bug?

Yes it’s a bug. According to other users on my team it’s been like that on any new account created in the last month or so.
You’re welcome to submit a bug report.

Can you create a link with the example? I tried simple floating group, it look working fine.

@emmanuel Has a change been made to floating groups? I used to be able to put one into a group, but now it seems like they only go onto the page? When I put one into a group, it doesn’t show up in the element tree as being under that group, but rather it shows up as being under the overall page. Is this something that was purposefully changed?

I liked it better when you could put them into groups, that was a lot more useful to me.

Yes, now they need to be at the page level to work with the responsive engine.

aww, that’s unfortunate. So, I’m trying to make a menu within a group. How would I make it so the menu stays up at the top, instead of getting pulled down? The size of the group changes based on the photo, so that moves the menu group around, but I want the menu to always be up near the top.

Don’t try to make it within a group :slight_smile: That’s something we don’t support any more.

hmm, I’m not sure that will work for me. I’ll have to play around with it. Can I still have the data relate to what’s in my group? It seems like I’d have to do a ‘search for’ it now rather than using ‘parent groups…’

You can refer to any element on the page.

OK. I’ll play around with it and see what I can do. Thanks!

Today face the same issue

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