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Floating Group as a Reusable Element

Is there any way to make a floating group a reusable element? Also can you make an image get bigger in a repeating group when you hover over the image?


I don’t think so. But you can create a floating group on different page and put inside a Reusable Group.

I think you need to show/hide another image element for this.


Thanks Nicholas. When I put the floating group inside a Reusable Group, the floating stops working :frowning: Guess I have to copy and paste each floating header. Thanks for your help

Can’t you put the floating group on the page, and the reusable element into it ? since the floating group has to refer to the page itself. Put it into a Reusable element and the link is broken.

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Gotcha…worked perfect!!! Thanks so much, makes my job so much easier :smile:


So, I have my Reuseable Group, with a floating group inside it for my Menu bar.

When we scroll down, it all works fine, the menu floats at the top of the page and the content scrolls under it.

Now I am trying to make the Menu bar change background colour when we scroll down.


You can access the scrolling position of the page in the dropdown menu (the one with current user, etc.). So using this + conditional formatting you should be able to do a lot of things.

Sorry, But I can’t find the element “scrolling position” in the dropdown menu.

I have found “Position” and when I go to Conditional for this FloatingGroup, I choose:
When: This FloatingGroup’s Position

but then my only choices are " 'sTitle" " 's Summary" and " 's Company"

See the attached screenshots.

You can do something like