Can I replace "Development" Version with another version?

I have three versions of my app: LIVE, DEVELOPMENT, and another version which I have been calling “BRAVO”.

The BRAVO version is my “real” development version. It is where I make changes, corrections, improvements, etc. Then I deploy BRAVO to LIVE. Because of this, my DEVELOPMENT version has become sort of useless. It is simply a very old version that BRAVO has superseded.

My question is: can I somehow force DEVELOPMENT to match BRAVO? Or, can I delete DEVELOPMENT? My goal is to free up one of the non-live versions so that I can experiment and tinker. But I want to start from BRAVO.

Hope that makes sense. Thanks in advance.

Hey there @andrew.parker,

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You can definitely do this! You just need to fork your “BRAVO” version with your development version.

All you need to do to do that is by going to your development version, then select the dropdown where you change development version, then click the “Fork” icon to fork aka copy “BRAVO” with development.

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