Can I stop dynamic text wrapping?

I’m having an issue where my text box is forcing content to displaying over two lines when using dynamic text.

Is there a way to disable text wrap?

When using non-dynamic text (correct):
image image

Using dynamic text (incorrect):
image image

I don’t know why that should be happening…

The only things I can think is that you either have some unwanted spaces or line breaks stored in the database entries for either the currency symbol or the price, so I’d check all the entries first.

Is it doing the same thing regardless of currency and price plan?

Other than that, there’s no reason I can see why that should be happening


You’re right, I replaced the symbol texts in the DB and it’s fixed - Same behaviour for all currencies so must have been due to me copy/pasting the symbols in which included hidden formatting.

Didn’t think I could include formatting in a text database field, but I guess it’s possible!

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