Can I string together numbers in a conditional?

I have a custom state called “Question Number” and then a bunch of groups that are assigned a # (ie Question Number 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, etc). I want to make an element visibile when certain questions are active.

I know I can do “When question number is 8 > this element is visibile”, but how would I do that for many numbers? My goal is “When question number is 8 or 10 or 17 or 22 > this element is visibile”

Is that possible? Or do I need to create a separate conditional for each?

If your custom state is a list of numbers you can check if the question number is in the custom state list. Or, if the custom state list contain the question number.

Thanks for the quick reply. I believe the custom state is just a single number. But i have groups that are assigned different numbers.

Seeing your print I think I misunderstood what you need…

Every group have a number? You want to show or hide them based in their numbers? Where are you going to inform the numbers of the groups you want to show?

Yes corret, I want to show an icon only when the question number is 8, 10, 15, 20, etc.

So im wondering if I can lump all of those icon conditionals into 1 or if I have to do a separate conditional for each number

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