Displaying 5 out of 10 random groups

I’m currently new to bubble and m trying to learn.

I’m practicing to make this quiz and I would like to know how I can show 5 questions randomly before showing the scores


This is currently a 10 item quiz but what I want to achieve is to make it 5 items while randomly picking the items from the 10 questions.

Thank you very much.

Hello @vashtemplar

Seems you have 10 groups that likely house each question

  • Use a random number list generator that enables an action to generate numbers like this one:

  • For visibility use a number list custom state on the page. Set the visibility condition on each question group to show the group if the question number is contained in the page state list of numbers (assuming there is a question number field)

Thanks for the Idea. I’ll try to look into that.

Hello Sir @cmarchan ,

I’m really new to this. I would like to ask how to do it. or at least how to manipulate this Random Number generator.

  • Set your quiz group to show up depending on the random number element value
  • Research for learning resources how to use custom states

This is just an example of a group that I named Quiz 1 and where I created a custom state type number (named quiznumber). I then set the group to be hidden and to only show when the custom state is 1.

If you do not know about custom states the above might confuse you. But once you get familiar with how they work, the above will make some sense.

Here a video to learn about custom states and how to use them to hide and show groups > How to Implement Custom States in Your Bubble.is Web App

Thank you, Sir @cmarchan

I have basic knowledge on custom states and I think I got one step further from where I was the last time.

I got random questions to appear working.

Now, I would like the app to move on and go choosing the next random questions without repeating the previous chosen question already.

Or the plug in does it already until it is regenerated?

I think you can use the action it has to generate a new number.

There are other random generators. I would explore those in case this one does not do the job that you want.

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