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Can I use a Focus Group inside a Floating Group?

I’m trying to build a submenu (with a group focus) on my header that is a Floating Group. But, when I try to create the workflow to show the group focus the group focus won’t appear as an option on the elements field.
Can someone help/explain me that? I can’t find this info anywhere.


Thanks for your post! Would it be possible to share some screenshots of what you have set up so far? In particular, curious to know if you are looking to show the Group Focus with the “Show an element” or “Toggle an element” action (the latter is not an option for the Group Focus element).

Turns out, I was simpler then I expected. I was trying to make a Floating SubMenu on my header (That is already a Floating Group) and end up overcomplicating things thinking I should use another floating group or a Group Focus to archieve that. In the end it was as simple as creating a simple menu inside de header and control it’s visibility. Sorry the stupyd question