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Can I use Google maps to save zip codes in my database?

Hi Bubblers

I’m new to Bubble, not a tech person & I need help to understand how things work.

My app will match predefined zip codes (company-service areas) with zip codes entered by someone looking for services.

Can I use Google maps to save these zip codes at (company) sign-up and then display them when matched?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

This is very simple to do, yes. You’ll definitely enjoy building in Bubble :wink:

  • create a database (i.e. “thing”) containing your desired zip codes
  • when there is a match between an input from a user and a value inside your database…display a pop-up, etc.
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Great to hear! Thanks

How do I set it up to have companies at sign up - be able to save their zip codes (service area)?

I would suggest you go through the Bubble lessons, these questions will all be answered through the first couple of courses. (i.e. create a form, save the data…really simple)

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Thank you for your suggestion.

I’ve looked at some of the lessons tonight and wow! (exciting)
I’ll continue tomorrow after my 9 to 5.

Thank again:relaxed: