Can not load the Responsive setting

Hi Expert,

In my app I can not access the Responsive setting, it makes freezing my browse, please tell me how to fix it.



If it is a editor bug your best bet would be to submit a bug report via this link.

I submitted a bug report for a similar issue recently. In my case the browser also froze if I tried to open chrome developer tools in a mobile sized window or if I loaded the page on an actual mobile device.

The Bubble team acknowledged the bug but couldn’t give an ETA for a fix. It has probably slipped further down their queue because I found and notified them of a workaround. It turned out that I had a repeating group on the page which was set to fixed width while everything else was set to be responsive. I changed the RG to be variable width and that resolved the issue for me. Still, this should never have caused the screen to freeze and the Bubble team acknowledged that.

You should probably report yours as well even if the same or a similar workaround helps.