Can Repeating Group cells collapse?

I have a repeating group with some elements that appear all the time and others that may or may not depending on conditions.

The blank area is a group containing all the optional elements. It is set to collapse when not shown and the process of showing the elements is simply a matter of showing the enclosing group.

The entirety of contents in the cell is contained in another group that would also collapse if not shown.

What I want is for the blank area (the group that is optional) to collapse, with the the rg cell also collapsing. It appears that rg cells have a minimum height and won’t collapse below that. In my case, the minimum height must be enough to contain all the possible fields.

I know that cells will expand height when elements inside grow in height, but I haven’t seen them collapse below their designed height (roughly height of the rg / number of rows).

I have other instances where repeating groups are nested and for the most part they expand nicely, but in those cases, the layout style is Full List. Because of the large number of rows, I don’t want to use Full List for this rg.

Is there a way to have a large cell drawn and have it shrink when not filled?

Hi @laurence :slight_smile: The group should collapse as long as it does not overlap any of the other elements (even slighlty) within the RG cell. If they’re not overlapping, and it’s still not collapsing, I’d be glad to take a look at the editor if that’s helpful!

Thanks, @fayewatson. I’ll take a look.

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I don’t see any hint of overlapping.

It will take me some time to build a comparable rg in another app. The app I’m working on is about to go “live” with MVP evaluators. (Fortunately, the page in question is only a data administration page - part of the reason it has so much junk on it. :slight_smile: So even if it’s ugly, I’m the only one who’ll see it.)

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Got it! :slight_smile: Sounds great, @laurence!

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