Hiding and Collapsing RG Rows When Blank

How do i hide blank rows in an RG?

I’ve set the Multiline input and Button to be invisible when the Parent’s Group Text is empty. And I’ve set both elements to collapse when hidden. But the gap is still there. Do I need to put them in an additional group?

Hi there, @s.arndt… in short, you don’t hide blank rows in a repeating group. You add constraints to the repeating group’s data source so the repeating group is showing the correct items (which means there won’t be any blank rows).

Hope this helps.


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I understand that’s the normal rule, but in my case I need to. :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, that’s not how it works, so good luck with that.

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Whilst I agree with Mikes overall approach you should be able to add a condition on the Group within the GR that says if this cell’s thing’s whatever you’re targeting is empty, this group is not visible, with collapse when hidden

It’s not an approach… it’s how repeating groups work. Unless I am missing something, you can’t make a repeating group row collapse if there is a group inside the repeating group that is collapsing when the group is not visible. If you don’t want blank rows in a repeating group, constrain your data source appropriately instead of trying to hide items/rows you don’t want to see.

If someone knows differently, though, please drop some knowledge with an example.

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found this previous post…haven’t tried it yet…

Give a shot, but it’s not going to work (and if it does, please share how you got it to work). I do like how that thread is literally the same as this one, though, with the first reply being the right way to do it, and then another reply that the poster didn’t test. Yup, it’s all been done to death out here.

There’s no such thing as a blank row in a RG - rows (cells) only exist when there is data - if there’s no data then there’s no row (cell).

I understand that’s the normal rule, but in my case I need to.

There’s no case in which you need to do this.

Just don’t include the item in the RG if you don’t want to display it.

There is, if you want filtered rows to smoothly collapse when filter changes.

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All: Thanks - I figured out a way in my javascript code to handle the issue.

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